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Host Mobility AB 556617-5054

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Host Mobility AB 556617-5054
Flöjelbergsgatan 14C, 431 37, Mölndal

Host Mobilty is responsible for the processing of your personal data within the entire organization’s operations.

We care about the privacy of our customers and users and it is important to us that everyone feels safe when leaving personal information to us. We have elaborate routines to ensure that personal data is always well protected with us and that the processing we do with the data takes place in accordance with current laws.

This policy describes why we process personal data within our business and how we do it. We also describe how to go about finding out which of your own personal data has been collected, what legal support is behind the collection, and how to request deletion of the data in question.

In which situations does this policy apply

This policy applies to all situations where Host Mobility processes personal data. Which includes information we collect when someone:

  • Contact information: name, company, address, e-mail address and telephone number
  • Identity information: social security number and organization number
  • Financial information: bank account and other bank-related information
  • Work-related information: employment information, applications, work certificate, personal letter and CV
  • buys one of our products
  • registers for a digital subscription
  • register with one of our digital platforms
  • contact us by form, telephone or email

Host Mobilty takes no legal responsibility for the third-party websites accessed via links from, and and instead refers directly to these players for questions about their processing of personal data.


How do we get access to the data?

In addition to the information you provide to us, or which we collect from you in connection with you becoming a customer with us, we may also collect personal information from someone else, so-called third party.

The information we collect from third parties is as follows:

Address information from the public register to be sure that we have the correct address information for you

  • Credit rating information from the credit rating agency, banks or information companies

Why do we collect personal data?
We collect personal information in order to conduct our business efficiently by providing service based on our users ‘and customers’ preferences and behaviors. This means, for example, fundraising for:

  • development of personalized services
  • checking that the services are used in accordance with applicable laws
  • communication with our users and customers
  • administration of our products
  • for accounting purposes in order to fulfill statutory obligations incumbent on us
  • protection of our customers’ safety
  • execution of our agreements
  • purposes for marketing purposes

How do we collect personal data?

A significant part of the personal information we collect is provided to us via digital forms, for example when purchasing a product and registering newsletters on our website. Other personal information is stored via email correspondence. We also collect information via physical forms, for example during information meetings or customer meetings.

We may also collect personal data from other sources, such as references for invoicing and their manager / superior or external source for register maintenance.

Legal basis for collecting personal data
In order to be allowed to collect personal data, there must be a legal basis for the collection in question. The following is a description of the legal bases on which our business leans.


An agreement means a formal agreement that approves the collection of personal data between us and a user.

Balance of interest

Balancing of interests is a legal basis which means that we collect personal data based on a legitimate interest from us and the staff whose personal data we collect.

For example, we may collect personal data when purchasing to develop our services and products, depending on the fact that we believe it is in both our and our consumers’ interests that our services are developed.

Legal obligation

The legal basis “legal obligation” means that there are laws or rules that mean that the person responsible for personal data must process certain personal data in his or her activities.


Personal data we collect for administrative reasons

  • Our customers ‘and users’ first and last names, e-mail addresses, postal addresses, telephone numbers and other similar contact information. Legal basis: Agreement
  • Passwords, social security numbers and other security information for account access at our databases. Legal basis: Balancing of interests
  • Information that is necessary to be able to process our customers’ purchases, which may include reference, means of payment number, security code, bank account number and social security number. Legal basis: Legal obligation, agreement.


Personal data we collect for development of service and products

  • Information about the behavior of our customers and users on our platforms, such as what activities they sign up for or what purchases they make. Legal basis: Balancing of interests.
  • Reports of errors or improvements, which may include search queries and email correspondence. Legal basis: Balancing of interests.


Personal information we collect for marketing purpose

  • Information from people who participate in our marketing and information campaigns, for example in articles and films. Legal basis: Balancing of interests, agreement
  • Information about our customers ‘and users’ buying process, such as what information they download or what subscriptions they sign up for. Legal basis: Balancing of interests, agreement
  • Information about formal ordering from our customers, for example contact information for the person who ordered the training and / or the course participant’s manager. Legal basis: Balancing of interests


Personal information we share to third parties

  • We share personal data if a Swedish authority with legal support requests the data in question. We also distribute information to authorities if we consider ourselves able to identify legal doubts. Legal basis: Legal obligation
  • When we carry out transactions between us and our customers, we share personal data with banks and other financial actors to secure the transaction in question, they may not by law use the personal data for any purpose other than that stated in this policy. Legal basis: Legal obligation
  • When we perform our training services, we may need to share personal information with providers of training systems or distance learning systems, such as the training participant’s name and e-mail address. Legal basis: Agreement
  • We share personal data when we hire other players to review and develop our functions and services, this can happen, for example, when we ask a market research company to review how our customers view service. Legal basis: Agreement


How long is the personal data stored?

We store personal information for as long as we believe we use it for the purposes for which it was originally and explicitly collected. When a personal data is no longer relevant for its original purpose, it is deleted and we have elaborate routines for identifying these cases. As a rule, we save personal data for a maximum of 24 months after collection, unless the person in question continues to interact with Host Mobility or there are legal requirements for continued storage.

If you no longer want to receive newsletters or marketing from us, you can contradict this at any time – either by replying to the message directly in the channel or email In the event of such a request, we will immediately stop processing your data for marketing purposes.


How do you find out what personal data we collect?

Everyone whose personal data is stored at Host Mobility always has the right to request an extract from the register of the collected data, which then takes place free of charge and within a month. The requested documents must state how the personal data was collected and on the basis of the specific purpose for which they are now used, as well as the legal basis for the collection. In order for us to be able to approve such a request, it is required that the person requesting the information can clearly identify himself, in order to avoid a person being able to request someone else’s personal information.

Request sent to:


How can the collected personal data be corrected?

If you want to see that even the personal data stored with us is corrected or updated, you always have the right to request this. You can also request that the processing of your collected personal data be restricted. In addition to this, you always have the right to data portability, which means that under certain conditions you can transfer your personal data to another actor. The same routines apply here as when requesting registers of personal data and thus clear identification from the applicant is required.


How to get your personal data information deleted?

If you want to see the deletion of personal data we have collected, it is required that you contact us and formally request to terminate the agreement or consent to the collection of personal data. When the request is approved, the personal data is deleted without delay. We always try to be accommodating when requesting the deletion of personal data, but must always oppose deletion if there are legal requirements on us to store the data in question.

Request sent to:


Authority for control of the collection of personal data

If you oppose Host Mobility’s collection or processing of personal data, it is the state authority Datainspektionen you should turn to. They take note of all complaints and assess whether supervision should be initiated.

For more information

If you have more questions or concerns regarding our processing of personal data, you are always welcome to contact us.


Changes of our integrity policy

We may make changes to this Privacy Policy. The latest updated version can always be found on this page. We, therefore recommend that you regularly visit our website to always have updated information about our personal data processing.


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