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The Host MX-5 is a Linux basedhigh performancescalable industrial computer providing cloud connectivity for usage across the globe.
Deploying technologies such as GPS/GLONASS, GPRS, 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Designed with a rich list of automotive communication interfaces. 

MX-5 products picture

Host Mobility is a high-tech company in Gothenburg with over 15 years experience of advanced electronics development and manufacturing. We specialize in development of cost effective customer defined products and systems based on Host Mobility´s qualified platforms, mainly for automotive use. We handle the supply chain from design/development to manufacturing and support. Our customers benefit from

  • Cost effective solutions
  • High quality and low risk
  • High level of technical expertise
  • Extensive experience of product development
  • Short time to market

Our Host MX series

This product line is based on a powerful microprocessor and a card layout with a large
number of connection options. It constitutes in
 the current situation is the basis for our development activities.


MX-4 C61

The MX-4 C61 is intended as a “black box” vehicle computer. Includes several different interfaces for communication with the vehicle, and several interfaces for communication with other equipment/systems. Can carry customer-specific applications to suit specific needs.


MX-4 C61 product picture

MX-4 T30 FR

The MX-4 T30 FR is intended as vehicle telematics computer. It includes a long range of automotive communication interfaces and it is able to carry a customer-specific diagnostics or fleet management application.


MX-4 T30 FR product picture

Complementary product

Driver Panel

Intended to be used as a panel on the dashboard in the bus to indicate driving performance. Can be used instead of a TFT-screen, or as a complement to a TFT-screen. All functions to be indicated on the panel are controlled by the vehicle computer.


Driver panel product

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