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Host Mobility designs and manufactures Linux-based industrial computers for a wide range of applications.

Our products are designed to meet customer-defined use cases within vehicle telematics, fleet management, edge computing, for presenting real-time information within public transportation and much more. They are currently deployed including cars, trucks, busses, ferries but can also be used within the real estate sector, for home automation or even as general purpose computing devices.

As for connectivity, our products are equipped with GPS chips and support secure cloud communication around the world using LTE/3G/GPRS or, for talking with a local network,
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet.

Since one of the most popular uses are inside vehicles, we support a long range of automotive interfaces such as CAN, CAN-FD, J1708, LIN, FlexRay, etc. as well as analog and digital IO, audio/video and more.

If your application can run on GNU/Linux, then we can most likely meet your hardware needs either with our current lineup of machines or by bringing forth a tailor-made product based on our accumulated experience.

Sounds interesting?
Take a look at our products section or contact us directly and we can discuss your particular use case.

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