Introducing our product line of the
MX-4 and Host MX-5

About Host MX-5

The Host MX-5 is a Linux based, high performance, scalable industrial computer providing cloud connectivity for usage across the globe. Deploying technologies such as GPS/GLONASS, GPRS, 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
Designed with a rich list of automotive communication interfaces.

Intended applications are:

  • Fleet Management
  • Traffic Management
  • Remote Data Managenent
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Car Sharing
  • And many more


Host MX-5 is based on the popular and proven NXP i.MX6 series of application processors which has phenomenal software ecosystem and a large family of pin compatible SoC´s, making it easy to create scalable solutions.

About MX-4 product line

Our internal development has generated three different product lines or platform concepts; MX-1, MX-3 and MX-4. Each product is a result of a modification of the qualified platforms that all Host Mobility´s products are based upon. These products are available “as is/of the shelf” or can be adapted to your specifications.

• MX-4 is a powerful platform, mainly for automotive use with a large variety of connections. This is our standard platform for most applications.

Besides our main platform MX-4 we have a number of products that have been developed as accessories or additions to our main products.


Download product data sheet here


Download product data sheet here