At Host Mobility we are specialists in developing, manufacturing and maintenance customized Products. Customization is not always about new development. Many times it is adapting or taking a product one step further.

Host Mobility has a number of different product lines and solutions based on proven technology, enabling cost effective customer adaptions in conjunction with low risk during the development phase. Re-use of modules and solutions also offer a short time-to-market for our customers.

Long term responsibility

Host Mobility offers handling all products throughout the complete life cycle; development, manufacturing and maintenance.

Our own development activities have resulted in a large number of products based on MX4.

They are available as standard products or can be adapted to specific needs with a customized software pack or adjustments in the hardware design which offer our customers a high speed introduction on their markets. Pure branding (i.e. labels and overlays) as well as more extensive adaptions are feasible..

If you have specific questions or need more information about our capabilities to fulfuil your requirements – do not hesitate to contact us.